SPD and the Brent Brush


Brent was told by one of his clients that their child was using his brush. He thought, "Great!" She said, "Yes, but you don't know all of the facts." Now she had his attention. Her daughter has SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder. She explained what that meant and what a struggle her hair had been. Being able to brush her hair was a huge triumph. After hearing what a difference the brush made, Brent wanted to help more kids. A special school close to his home immediately came to mind. The school specializes in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. He gave them 2 brushes and they were a hit! He asked the school to use the brushes on the hardest SPD cases, and they did. Within three months, the little angel that would cry and scream at the sight of a brush was brushing her own hair. The school now has 15 brushes and is using them as a brushing protocol. The teachers, parents and students are thrilled. One mom who purchased the brush, wrote to Brent saying that he had changed their world. No more screaming every morning and no more pain.