Meet Brent

Brent Hardgrave

Brent Hardgrave is one of a kind. Expert stylist, gifted colorist and visionary. Brent is always learning and adding to his skills. Several years ago he began incorporating hair extensions to his already impressive list of professional services. It was this work that led Brent to develop The Brent Brush. Brent found that his clients were having difficulty with the current offering of available brushes. They were not made for the requirements of women or men with hair extensions. It is true that hair extensions are an investment, so Brent created this product to preserve and protect hair extensions.

Since then The Brent Brush has become so much more. This brush has helped men, women and children beyond what Brent could have ever envisioned. From those affected with underactive thyroid, hypothyroidism, as well as women in perimenopause and menopause to those with simple scalp issues. Brent is so proud that this brush has helped so many. There is one group that he is most proud of, that is his work with the SPD community. With a long history of volunteering with children in need, Brent had no idea how much joy and success he would bring to parents and kids affected with SPD - this accomplishment has fulfilled him more than he could have ever known. 

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